For Employers


For Employers

Why work with us?


We are a team of highly passionate recruiters who are familiar with working with niche jobs in the automotive, manufacturing, cosmetic and logistics industries. We already have an established network but we will always go beyond to find the talent you need.


When you give us a job order, you can be sure that we will have the first few candidates for your review within 3-5 days in 90% of cases. We know time is important to our partners and we prioritize your urgent roles to make sure they are filled.


We will continue to adjust our search criteria and listen to your feedback and send you additional candidates until you have found the one to hire.

Our method


We study the job description and begin gauging our current network and the market for candidates who would be a good fit.


Our recruiters speak to selected candidates within the pool, and screen for criteria our client has asked for as well as general screening for start date, work authorization and degree


We will send our most qualified candidates to our client with their availability to begin work.


Once the client has indicated which candidates of the ones we sent are viable options, we will schedule interviews on phone, video or onsite between candidate and client.


Once a candidate makes it past the interviews and the client makes an offer, we help negotiate the terms between client and candidate until both parties are satisfied.


We monitor and check in with our clients and our candidates until they start work, and even after to make sure they are doing well and the transition is going smoothly, and that our clients are fully happy with the candidate.

Let’s work together